Montag, 26. März 2012



In the last time happen a lot.
-          I saw a soccer game
-          Was on the Pacifica Festival
-          Start with Tango Lessons
-           Was at New Plymouth, WOMAD
-          And I visit a family, they will probably be my new host family

I was together with Rieke in the Soccer station and watch the game between New Zealand’s, all Whites and the Jamaica players. The game was really good, because the teams are both good, no team was better then the other team, but Jamaica won, I think 3:2. All fans were happy, because they got two goals and this a reason to celebrate. So the mood was really good and I had a lot of fun.

On the Saturday after the game, I was on the Pacifica Festival here in Auckland, that’s amazing, all these cultures from the different islands, they celebrate them selves, they dance, sing and much more. 10 different pacific islanders were there.

Rieke found a Tango course for us, quite closed to me, good to manage with the bus.  I went to Grafton; there are the Tango lessons, two times. I enjoy the lessons and I didn’t know how much I missed the dancing.

The weekend from the 16th i was in New Plymouth, to a festival, like tff Rudolstadt. It was really good and we, Rieke and I, we were camping luxury, with a little kitchen and table and… what I never used before for a festival, but it was not bad. One the concerts were few really good artists.

I don’t know who all know that I will move to another family, after the holidays. I met the family more then a week ago to speak and come to know them. They are nice, the family moved 4 years ago from South Africa to New Zealand and they have a little 10 years old daughter.

Love from the other side.

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