Samstag, 25. Februar 2012


My first schoolday was 23 days before, so I had 17 days in the school.
School is school, steiner-school(Waldorfschule) is steiner-school. So i know the most, thats good.
I'm fine. I have my books and read 1 book in a week and that is a lot.
I do my homeworks, sometimes i bake a apple cake, because i love to eat some.
I know now a little bit about my new people in my clas, they are nice. I  think i found a friend.
My host family is okay. The mother is very nice. The father is okay and the son is stupid, but to me okay. I'm the most time allone in my room and read, that is ok,
Last weekend i went shopping with one from my class, that was nice.

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